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TextoIDL Broken and Gone?

Check this out.  TextoIDL v1.2 won't do subscripts with IDL 5.3:

IDL> print, textoidl("\theta_i")

% Detected at:  TRANSLATE_SUB_SUPER  281
% Type conversion error: Unable to convert given STRING to Long.
...a dozen of the above errors...
% Detected at:  TRANSLATE_SUB_SUPER  288

This is probably a trivial error, but I can't be bothered trying to
source it and instead tried to find a textoIDL homepage to look for a
newer version, but unfortunately everyone links to
ftp://coma.berkeley.edu/pub/mcraig/idl/TeXtoIDL/ which says "can't set
guest privleges" and doesn't let you in.

Anyone got a clue what I can do?  Is it a known bug?