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Re: Many procedures, what to do?

Craig Markwardt wrote:

> My other option is to merge them into a single file called, say,
> CMSVLIB.  There are a couple of problems with that.
> First, how to get them compiled.  That's easy, I just require every
> program which calls the library to invoke CMSVLIB first.  As long as
> there is actually a procedure called CMSVLIB at the end of the file,
> this should force all the other routines in the file to be compiled.

That's what I do for large projects, too. 

> The other problem is more subtle.  Since none of the individual files
> are compiled when the invoking procedure is compiled, IDL won't know
> about the functions.  It will see the round parenthesis of
> "cmsv_rlong(block, pointer)" and think it's an array subscript.
> Arghh.

I tell all users that they have to call the big routine once before
doing anything else, when they want to use it. Well, maybe short after

> Okay, that can be solved by forcing everybody to declare the functions
> they use with FORWARD_FUNCTION.  Now it's starting to get annoying
> again.  I guess I could rewrite everything to be procedures...

What about a startup file (the one that gets executed when IDL is
started) containing all the FORWARD_FUNCTIONs. It could as well compile
your CMSVLIB, but that would take some time, probably too long.
That's another disadvantage of the many files, whenever IDL is started,
it scans the whole $IDL_PATH for files. This is fast, but well
noticeable here (2000 files).

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