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Re: 24 vs 8 bit color systems

"Jason P. Meyers" wrote:
> I assume that if
> one can afford IDL, then one can also afford a "decent" graphics card.
> I ask this question, because I would like to make the going in
> assumption that the user of my project will be working on a 24 bit
> system.  Is this a "bad" assumption to make


> (i.e. are this still a
> significant number of users still running on 8 bit systems?)


What you are saying is that you are designing the code so it is easy for you to
write rather than addressing the (apparently) complicated issue of users not
having the same hardware as you. Hmm. I remember reading, or somebody told me,
about a similar issue related to designing GUIs (maybe from Alan Cooper's
book?). A common problem mentioned was that programmers designed the GUIs so
that it was easy to code/maintain rather than easy to use (by regular people).

Good on yer for asking.


p.s. I have both 8- and 24-bit hardware.

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