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Re: making an object from class structure?

Craig Markwardt wrote:
> Hi object experts!
> I am a little stymied on an "internal" object question.  In the course
> of restoring objects from a SAVE file, I can definitely restore the
> class *structure*.  That is, I can read the structure definition, the
> super classes, etc and reconstruct a class structure filled with the
> correct data.
> My question is, how do I get an object "pointer" to it.  

Hi Craig,

Isn't it the object *reference* that you get when you restore a saved
object? I could never get to object *structure* definition (which I use
for my lazy-sitting-place loop cleanup method) by using anything other
means than o_str = {My_obj}. Or are you looking for a way to get a
*definition* from SAV, then re-fill it manually and assign it to an
object reference?