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making an object from class structure?

Hi object experts!

I am a little stymied on an "internal" object question.  In the course
of restoring objects from a SAVE file, I can definitely restore the
class *structure*.  That is, I can read the structure definition, the
super classes, etc and reconstruct a class structure filled with the
correct data.

My question is, how do I get an object "pointer" to it.  To be clear,
the is the difference between S and O in the following code:

  s = {objtype, name:'a', value: 27}
  o = obj_new('objtype')

IDL> help, s, o
S               STRUCT    = -> OBJTYPE Array[1]
O               OBJREF    = <ObjHeapVar3(OBJTYPE)>

I have a structure like S, and want to make it into an object pointer
like O, preserving the data inside S.

Any ideas, or is this impossible?


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