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Re: Newbie question (w/colorful points)...

RandyStack (randystack@aol.com) writes:
> I've got a a set of 8192-element 1d arrays that I need to plot.  Each point has
> an X & Y value as well as a color (the unique color for each of the 8192 points
> is specified with hue, luminance and saturation values). My question is this:
> What's the best and/or fastest and/or easiest way to plot these values over a
> 512x512 2d grid with 24-bit color?  Again, each point has a unique color (and,
> if necessary, I can convert the HLS array into RGB)...I just need to end up
> with a 512x512 3-plane (RGB) matrix for further processing.  Just started using
> IDL, so thanks for any assistance and direction y'all can provide...

I'd convert the color HLS array to RGB, for sure. 
As to the fastest way to create the array, I'm
not sure I can decipher how a 8192 vector
relates to a 512x512 array. (Except to note
that 8192/512 = 16.) If you can reform the
vector into a 61x512 array, then some kind of
array sub-scripting of the larger 512x512 array
will surely work.


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