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Re: check for duplicate routine names?

>>>>> "MWA" == Michael W Asten <masten@mail.earth.monash.edu.au> writes:

MWA> It is a stupid error to have a two routines of the same name
MWA> DoitNow.pro , in two different library files MyLib1.pro and MyLib2.pro
MWA> .
MWA> But your correspondent is sometimes stupid.  The consequence of course
MWA> is that the second compilation (of MyLib2.pro ) over-rides the first (of
MWA> MyLib1.pro) , so  whatever was intended by maintenance of the code in
MWA> MyLib1.pro does not execute.  Or worse, when the two libs are compiled
MWA> in different sequences, results become unpredictable.

MWA> IDL does not appear to give any warning of the compilation of a routine
MWA> of same name as one already compiled.  Has anyone any ideas on how such
MWA> errors can be trapped ?

If you are using Emacs with IDLWAVE, it has tools to catch such
cases.  See the manual and a recent thread where JD explains how to
use it for detecting load-path shadows.

- Carsten

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