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Re: check for duplicate routine names?

David Fanning wrote:

> Michael W Asten (masten@mail.earth.monash.edu.au) writes:
> > IDL does not appear to give any warning of the compilation of a routine
> > of same name as one already compiled.  Has anyone any ideas on how such
> > errors can be trapped ?

> What you need is a language with a little more
> structure to it. Why not give up IDL and try
> Pascal. :-)
> Cheers,
> David

Now that reply came a bit too easy, I would say. Even IDL has quite some
structure to it, and this is definitely one of the things which *could*
be checked, if maybe only at runtime. ROUTINE_INFO,/SOURCE provides the
full path to the origin of any compiled routines, so a simple check
there could warn for "recompilation from a different origin".

Now to write this kind of check yourself you would need a hook onto when
IDL starts automatic compilation...