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Re: check for duplicate routine names?

David Fanning (davidf@dfanning.com) writes:
> What you need is a language with a little more
> structure to it. Why not give up IDL and try
> Pascal. :-)

Whoops! Michael, that maybe came across harder than I
intended. And I'm already fearing another "rude" message
from Rochelle. :-(

What I was trying to say is that IDL is a "loose" sort
of language. That gives us fits sometimes, but it is 
also what gives us so much power. Yes, IDL could be
doing all kinds of checking of all kinds of things.
It would be substantially slower, substantially less
powerful, and probably cost substantially more. And 
it would be a hell of a lot less fun to work with.

You will smack your head a couple or three times. 
But even the dullest of us (I speak here from 
experience) eventually learn to duck. :-)



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