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Re: Dialog box for creating a directory

Roy Edgar Hansen (Roy-Edgar.Hansen@ffi.no) writes:
> Does such a thing exist?
> I want a dialog box such as dialog_pickfile or FSC_fileselect (from
> David Fanning)
> to pop up during my processing for creating a new directory where all
> the files from
> processing should be stored. It also would be nice if there was the
> possibility to show
> the directory structure... (such as in the above mentioned).

Humm. You must not be using Windows. :-)

I certainly can *create* a new directory or folder from 
DIALOG_PICKFILE. But I suspect that is not exactly what
you want to do. You probably want to create it directly
from you program. Having a dialog "pop up" pre-supposes
you are going to allow some initiative and accept
direction from the user. That's often what we *say*
we want, while writing programs that specifically
disallow it. :-)
> I know this is not far from a number of the examples at
> www.dfanning.com,
> but if someone has done exactly this (or knows how to) already....

If you want to create a directory (as opposed to having
the user create a directory), then in IDL 5.4 you can
use the FILE_MKDIR procedure. On earlier versions of
IDL I think you will have to spawn an operating system
command to do it.



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