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Career Opportunities at RSI

Career Opportunities ....... Research Systems has openings in its IDL
Training and Sales Departments.  Jobs are open now and require travel.  Your
home base would be located at our headquarter facility in Boulder, Colorado.
Please visit our website as outlined to review the current openings and job

Professional Services Trainer:
Technical Support Engineer - Remote Sensing Specialist:
Technical Sales Engineer:  http://www.rsinc.com/opportun/moreinfo.cfm?id=67

To apply for a position, send your resume and a cover letter to any of the
Email:  jobs@rsinc.com, Tele:  303-786-9900 / Fax:  303-786-9909.
Human Resources, Research Systems, Inc., 4990 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO
80301 U.S.A.

If you send your resume as an email attachment, please be sure to properly
encode the file so that it won't get corrupted during transfer.  (We can
accept attachments in plain text, MS-Word, and Adobe Acrobat PDF file