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Re: Lose control of IDL window

Med Bennett (mbennett@indra.com) writes:
> I think it's crazy, though, that IDL doesn't give you any way of killing an
> out-of-control process.  I have had situations where I have made a programming
> error that resulted in an infinite loop, and there was no way short of killing
> IDL to get out, thus losing (possibly) unsaved work.  Way back in IDL 4.x (?)
> you could do a Ctrl-Break or something that would save you in such cases, but no
> longer.

Windows processes can be interrupted with a Control-Break.
But, of course, there are things you can interrupt and
things you can't. An infinite FOR loop is trouble because
the FOR loop is treated as a single command by the IDL
compiler and IDL only checks for interrupts at the *end*
of each command. In this regard, it doesn't matter whether
you are running a Windows version or a UNIX version!



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