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Re: Hi, My Name is David. And I'm a Lurker

meron@cars3.uchicago.edu wrote:

> In article <MPG.14dabaddb4dbb4be989d39@news.frii.com>, davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> >What do you say? Anyone out there? Only people
> >who have never posted, or posted no more than
> >once in the past 3 months, please.
> >
> Don't worry, Dave, there are at least 11 people reading this NG:-)

no - at least 12 people.. Here is also one guy working with IDL from time to time and who is extremely
happy knowing Coyotes' Homepage and getting his tips and answers - when I am getting more and more
grey hairs sitting in front of the monitor, glancing at my programming code and loosing the feelings
for the day and for the night...