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Re: Formatting output

OK, thanks to your replies, I managed to do what I wanted:
FOR i=0, OrbNum DO xtn[i]=STRING( $
    OrbArra[i,0], OrbArra[i,12], OrbArray[i,13], $
    FORMAT='(I0, "-", I0, "h", I2.2)' )

Which outputs something like "1234-14h30"

Now I'd like to have this result on 2 lines (instead of a '-' separator).
So I tried FORMAT='(I0, /, I0, "h", I2.2)'
But I get "Out of range subscript encountered: XTN"

Any idea ?
Guillaume Dargaud
Colorado State University - Dept of Atmospheric Science
  "Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS !"