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Re: COMMON block question

Paul van Delst (pvandelst@ncep.noaa.gov) writes:

> Thanks for any insights. All metphysical replies forwarded to DF. :o)

My middle son had to interview me this week for a
history project he is doing in school. One of the
questions was "What is your definition of 'history'?"

I replied that after reading Julian Barbour's book
*The End of Time* and Ken Wilber's book *A Brief
History of Everything* that my view of history 
had changed. I now believe there is no such thing
as time. That all we know is the eternal present.
That because of the way our consciousness is wired
that what appears to us to be "history" is simply
an illusion and convenient explanation for how we
happen to be *here*. Sort of a variation on the
parallel universe theory.

Guess it caused quite a stir yesterday when
Jonathan laid it all out for them at the
Junior High School. :-)



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