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Re: window menu / context menu

Stephan (tbb0301@mail.lrz-muenchen.de) writes:
> to the best of my knowledge, IDL does not support window/context menues.
> However, I'm aware that using draw widgets and something like (ev.press EQ
> 4 ) can be used to provide a similar functionality. Unfortunatelly, things
> get complex with sub menues etc. Thus: does anybody has looked into this
> in some detail and could point me to a solution ?

I've looked into it, and I strongly recommend you
re-examine your design specifications. :-)

It's a lot of work, it rarely (if ever) works the
way you hoped it would, and it is W-A-Y more
frustration than you need. Take the boss down
to the pub and convince her she will like it
MUCH better this other way. :-(



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