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Re: Back to idl after a looong time...

> > > The only problem with this is that the IDLDE just sucks. Even more than
> > > the Windows version. I never used it.
> > 
> > Oh, never used it but it sucks? Very competent characterization. I guess
> > I am not with you on this one. I use IDL DE every day and it works just
> > fine for me.

I have tried the UNIX IDLDE (5.3 and 5.4 both, I believe) and quickly gave
up... my problem is that I write very buggy code and so I have to hit
Ctrl-C all too often.  I ran into a problem because IDLDE seems to become
completely unresponsive when running a program from the 'command line'. It
doesn't halt when I ask it to, whether I use Ctrl-C or the "quit doing
that right now" button (I forget the label on that button).  In fact, if I
cover it with another window and bring it to the top again, it doesn't
even redraw itself until it's done thinking.  I can see how that behavior
might be nice if you really want it to focus on executing the code
quickly, but it made IDLDE unusable for me.

Doesn't this happen to the rest of you?  If not, why not?  Is it a UNIX
problem?  Anybody not have this problem when running IDLDE from UNIX?


p.s. I'm an aspiring lurker.  Just found out about the newsgroup from
David's book.  One very, very fluffy cat... who I think is getting to be a
little crazy because he's very staticky, and every time you pet him he
gets a sharp electric shock.  The blend of positive and negative feedback
must be a bit confusing for him.

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