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Re: Execute and Call_function of complex things

Dirk Fabian wrote:
> model='exp((-1.)*(0.0 + Gauss1(x,p(0:2)) + Gauss1(x,p(3:5))))'
> result=call_function(model,p)

For this to work, a compiled wrapper would be needed:

function model, p
return, exp((-1.)*(0.0 + Gauss1(x,p(0:2)) + Gauss1(x,p(3:5))))

result=call_function('model', p)
; Or simply
result = model(p)

> expstring='model=exp((-1.)*(0.0 + Gauss1(x,p(0:2)) + Gauss1(x,p(3:5))))'
> result=call_function(expstring, p)

For this to work, I think Execute is needed:

expstring='result=exp((-1.)*(0.0 + Gauss1(x,p(0:2)) + Gauss1(x,p(3:5))))'
junk = execute(expstring)