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Re: True Color, but !d.table_size eq 64?

Alex Schuster wrote:

> > non-decomposed colors, but 64 coler cells is not enough. Hey, where's
> > the problem, there are plenty of colors, it's a true-color display after
> > all!
> Um, it is not. I just forgot the DEVICE, TRUE_COLOR=24 statement. Silly
> me.

Okay, next question. Now that the True-Color Sun and the Windows PC
display exactly the same, I tried another PC, an SGI 320 running NT. It
has a 1600x1024 TFT display, maybe this has to do with the problem:

I start IDL (5.2), and enter XLOADCT. This opens the color dialog, and
shows the default grayscale color bar. But on the SGI, I see a cyan bar.
Looks like the red part of the color table is missing.

device, decomposed=0 & window & erase, 255 works fine, the window is
erased in white. But a tv, rebin( bindgen(256), 512, 512 ) shows cyan
colors, and no white.
Um, forget that, that was what just happened. Now that I try again, I
get red colors. After an XLOADCT, I get red and cyan colors. Next try.
This time, it's all cyan again. Oh well. I exited IDL after each try of

What the heck is going on here? Probably some missing DEVICE,

Some information about the graphics stuff:

Cobalt graphics ChipSet A4
Driver Version 5.1.0

  Alex Schuster     Wonko@weird.cologne.de          PGP Key available