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True Color, but !d.table_size eq 64?


On our Ultrasparcs, with True Color display, I only get a color table
with 64 entries. I start IDL, open a window, and !d.table_size is 64,
not 256, or the value I pass via the colours keyword.
Any idea why this happens? Under Windows, it's always 256.

About all of my programs only need 8-bit color, so I used to do a
device, pseudo=8 to switch completele to 8-bit mode, and everything was
fine. But now I would like to use a true color display and
non-decomposed colors, but 64 coler cells is not enough. Hey, where's
the problem, there are plenty of colors, it's a true-color display after

Maybe I found the only thing that's better in the Windows than in the
Unix version of IDL?

  Alex Schuster     Wonko@weird.cologne.de          PGP Key available