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Re: Back to idl after a looong time...

Unfortunately, I am positive on this one :-( Just check out the Apple
web site. They seem to be very proud of these new "features".


Martin Schultz wrote:
> "Pavel A. Romashkin" wrote:
> >
> > Geez. Have you ever seen the GUI on the OSX? It looks exactly as the
> > name of the system *reads* - "o-o-sex". Very sexy. Even a little scary -
> > I am not sure I like it when your toolbar swells up when you happen to
> > move the mouse over it, and your image files snake out of their
> > locations in the form of a steam swirl over a coffe cup, then pop open
> > with a noise. I am *not* upgrading to OSX any time soon. So I will just
> > take my pleasure in watching the rest of you guys enjoying the IDLwave
> > mode :-)
> >
> Pavel,
>    are you sure you are not describing the screen saver here ?
> Cheers,
> Martin