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Re: I have the craziest idea...

tbowers wrote:
> I've written a widget program that I've tried to design as a general data
> import interface.



> Feedback would be appreciated.

Your snippet of code under the EXAMPLE: heading scared me away. I would pare it down to:

;  sImported = ngDataImporter()
;  ;//Let's say the data imported was a US ARMY GMS 3D grid file
;  IDL> help, sImported, /STRUCT
;  ** Structure <1354308>, 13 tags, length=2022472, refs=1:
;     DATA            DOUBLE    Array[101, 61, 41]
;     XDATA           DOUBLE    Array[101]
;     YDATA           DOUBLE    Array[61]
;     ZDATA           DOUBLE    Array[41]
;     TDATA           BYTE         0
;     ANCILLARYDATA   BYTE         0
;     DATANAME        STRING    'c532(1/m)'
;     FILENAME        STRING    Array[1]
;     DATATYPE        STRING    'USA_GMS3DG'
;     POLYLINES       BYTE         0
;     ERROR           BYTE         0
;     CANCEL          BYTE         0

So how would you enable it to read netCDF and HDF data files and all their associated
attributes? Would that be a simple addition? I have a netCDF reader function, that returns
data in a structure sorta like your, to plug in if you'd like to try it. I'm sure others
out there have similar for HDF. 


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