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Re: I have the craziest idea...

> So how would you enable it to read netCDF and HDF data files and all their
> attributes? Would that be a simple addition? I have a netCDF reader
function, that returns

This brings up a good point. I tried to put this together so it is easily
enhanced. If you have code that already reads a type of data, then all that
needs to be done is to insert your call in the proper place. If you need
more fields than the present return data structure allows, just add a new
field. I don't care, just as long as people don't start haphazardly adding
fields that aren't necessary so that it becomes unwieldy. But, I had thought
about HDF and netCDF and thought they'd be prime candidates for possibly
more fields. I just don't really know much about those formats. Never used
them so I couldn't 'pre-plan' for them. I was hoping someone with netCDF/HDF
knowledge would help out.

> Your snippet of code under the EXAMPLE: heading scared me away. I would
pare it down to:

wimp. ;) I know, it's a bit outta hand, but I'm trying to emphasize to
contributors that they need to think about how their data will be used on

Thanks for the input,