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Re: IDL listbox

Stuart Norton wrote:
> Sorry if this is an obvious one, but I've been trying for too long now...
> How do you get a list of all selected items from a widget_listbox?  I have
> a listbox which I want to handle multiple selections.  I was originally
> going to use the event handler: just toggle the settings of each item
> which was clicked... but (at least in Unix) when you single click without
> holding shift or control, all previous selections in a listbox are
> de-selected.  I don't know how to keep track of which items are
> de-selected like this.  (There doesn't seem to be an event for that.)
> Another possibility was the OnSelectValue parameter to widget_listbox; I
> created a procedure to remember if any given item was selected, but
> again I have the problem that de-selection is not handled.
> There ought to be an easy way, say from widget_control, to return an array
> of indices which are selected at the moment, or something like that.  Why
> can't I find such a thing??

This is starting to be the #2 all-time FAQ, after color decomposition,
of course.  For whatever inane reasons (most likely because the
functionality was added only a few releases ago), getting the indices of
multiply selected list widgets requires a visit to our friend


Now, why this functionality is here instead of 


it's best not to ask.  If you want the items on the list themselves,
you'll have to store them somewhere for access.