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JHU/APL/S1R IDL Library update.

  It's been a little while since my last update, but it's now ready.

  JHU/APL/S1R IDL anonymous ftp site update notice
  The last update was made on 2001 Feb 16.
  The previous update was made on 1998 Apr 24.
  fermi.jhuapl.edu IDL library ftp site description

  Purpose of this ftp site
  This ftp site contains the JHU/APL/S1R IDL library.

  The library routines fall into the following broad categories:
  Text Files, Text strings, Date & time routines, Information, 
  Plotting/Graphics, Imaging, Array processing, Math, Programming,
  Widget tools, Library maintenance and documentation, and

  Accessing the ftp site
  By a web browser: ftp://fermi.jhuapl.edu/pub/idl/

  By ftp (Make sure you use ftp, not telnet):
  ftp fermi.jhuapl.edu
    For Name type: anonymous
    For Password enter: your email address
    (ex: sterner@jhuapl.edu).
    Change directory by entering: cd pub/idl
    Set the correct transfer type: ascii (for README, cat.one,
      or binary (for the *.Z files).
    To get a file enter: get filename
    When finished enter: bye.

    Get the ascii file README (5k byte) for a guide to this ftp site.
    You may also want to get the one line description file cat.one

  What's New in the Feb 2001 JHU/APL/S1R IDL library update
  See the file whats_new_01feb.txt on the ftp site for info on
  bug fixes and new routines.


  Ray Sterner                     ray.sterner@jhuapl.edu 
  The Johns Hopkins University    North latitude 39.16 degrees.
  Applied Physics Laboratory      West longitude 76.90 degrees.
  Laurel, MD 20723-6099