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Re: VRML file importer?

in article 96k1js$q1s$1@nntp6.u.washington.edu, Rick Towler at
rtowler@u.washington.edu wrote on 2/16/01 3:15 PM:

> This is a little off the wall but has anybody written or know about an IDL
> routine to IMPORT vrml, .3ds, or any other "standard" 3d file format?  My
> guess is that something exists somewhere since RSI imported the geometry for
> the teapot that is in one of the demos.  Now if they would share it......
> Or conversely, does anyone know of a free 3d modeling package that outputs
> files in .ase (the 3ds max ASCII file format).  I have found a C routine to
> import .ase files that I could wrangle into a dlm.  The object is to find a
> good free modeling package and a tool to import the vertex, connectivity,
> color and texmap info into IDL.
What about the DXF file format? You have to create an object to read the
files but there is an example in the examples/object directory.

Also, if you go to http://www.cyberware.com/support/translators.html you can
download some file translators to change between different formats.


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