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Re: VRML file importer?

You da man, Ronn!  Now my animations will be extra sexy!

Thanks for the reply.  I have been working with a free open source 3d
modeling, animation and rendering program called Openfx hoping that I could
export geometry from it into IDL.  One of the export formats is DFX.  It is
currently only available for Win32 platforms but work is in progress to port
it to linux and  *BSD.  For those interested take a look at

Also, either dfx_example.pro has moved or been removed from 5.4 since there
is no examples/object directory.

When I get some time I'll look at this routine closely and post the results.

-Rick Towler

"ronn kling" <ronn@rlkling.com> wrote in message
> in article 96k1js$q1s$1@nntp6.u.washington.edu, Rick Towler at
> rtowler@u.washington.edu wrote on 2/16/01 3:15 PM:
> > This is a little off the wall but has anybody written or know about an
> > routine to IMPORT vrml, .3ds, or any other "standard" 3d file format?
> > guess is that something exists somewhere since RSI imported the geometry
> > the teapot that is in one of the demos.  Now if they would share
> >
> > Or conversely, does anyone know of a free 3d modeling package that
> > files in .ase (the 3ds max ASCII file format).  I have found a C routine
> > import .ase files that I could wrangle into a dlm.  The object is to
find a
> > good free modeling package and a tool to import the vertex,
> > color and texmap info into IDL.
> >
> What about the DXF file format? You have to create an object to read the
> files but there is an example in the examples/object directory.
> Also, if you go to http://www.cyberware.com/support/translators.html you
> download some file translators to change between different formats.
> -Ronn
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