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Re: Max Woes Re: Back to idl after a looong time...

In article <MPG.14f1eb2d68462af8989d56@news.frii.com>, 
davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote:

> Pavel A. Romashkin (pavel.romashkin@noaa.gov) writes:
> > Besides, if the code works on a Mac, it
> > certainly does on any other platform.
> This I can well believe. But if we all have to
> start working to *this* lowest common denominator,
> we are going to see some simple-minded programs,
> indeed. :-(

    Well, I gues some of the reasons all of our routines work under Mac 
OS 9.x as well as various other platforms is that we only use 8-bit 
color, and color tables. A holdover from the Bad Old Days when all we 
could get on workstations were 8-bit cards, but it does make saving the 
images as GIFs a lot more straightforward.

    Oh, wait, we can't do that anymore, can we?

                  Joe Gurman