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Re: New to Linux not IDL

Vapuser wrote:
>   I've put IDL on a redhat 7 system. The only problem I've had is with
>   the license manager, not that this isn't a small problem since this
>   is the way RSI prefers to do the licensing.  When I had an
>   evaluation sort of license that didn't require the license manager,
>   I had no problem.
>   There is a bug report in on the license manager issue but it only
>   went in on Friday. Besides, it's unclear to me that this isn't a
>   problem with my particular installation hardware (bp6 board with
>   dual celerons). It may be that other, less exotic installations will
>   have no problems at all.

$RSI_DIR/idl_5.4/bin/bin.linux.x86/idl_lmgrd seems to be linked to
I've replaced it with a copy from IDL 5.2.1L and everything works fine. 
I don't think I have old libc installed on my system (SuSE 6.4,

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