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Re: Running IDL from cron

This is a pretty ugly hack, but one i use with at and cron.
create a save file of your IDL session, with the following two commands:

IDL> save, /var, file='variables.sav'
IDL> save, /all, file='procedures.sav'

Then, i have my at job restore those two save files.
I usually have my at jobs run a third file that is full of .com commands
to compile any other procedures i'm interested in using...

wait for some other people to respond to this post, i'm sure there is a
better way... :)


On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Gwyn Fireman wrote:

>Hi, everyone -
>With Deja gone and Google barely functional I have to ask here what I'm 
>sure has been addressed before:
>How do you run IDL routines from cron - while maintaining IDL_PATH and 
>other environment variables?
>I have had no trouble running my idl routines using batch or at, when 
>starting in the same directory as the main-level routine.  In that case 
>my environment is copied to the spawned process.
>Now I have the need to run these from cron.  I have been able to write 
>scripts to cd to the appropriate directory and to run my .cshrc (where 
>my IDL_PATH and other environment variables are defined), but keep 
>running into problems.  The latest is than .cshrc bombs on a 
>system-level env that apparently isn't defined when running from cron.
>So can anyone point me in the right direction?
>I'm running { alpha OSF unix 5.3 Nov 11 1999}.
>Many thanks in advance,
>   Gwyn Fireman