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Re: Change default value of system variable?

Craig Markwardt wrote:
> "K. Bowman" <k-bowman@null.tamu.edu> writes:
> > I prefer to plot with black lines on a white background, so in my
> > idl_startup file I include
> >
> > !P.BACKGROUND = COLOR_24('white')    ;Set background color to white
> > !P.COLOR      = COLOR_24('black')    ;Set default draw color to black
> >
> > (COLOR_24 is my own routine.)
> >
> > This works fine until I change plot devices and then change back, viz.
> ... deleted ...
> >
> > This means that I have to include code to set !P.BACKGROUND and
> > !P.COLOR in every time I switch graphics devices. Is there any way to
> > change the default value of a built-in system variable?
> You could simply save and restore the entire !P variable, right?
> old_p = !p
> set_plot, 'ps'
> ...
> set_plot, 'x'
> !p = old_p

I do this (relatively) religiously. Haven't ever had any problems (as long as the code
doesn't crash or I don't Ctrl-C before the restoration statement).

> and you have the satisfaction
> that you didn't miss any stray graphics keywords by accident.



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