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Re: Change default value of system variable?

In article <230220011054580017%k-bowman@null.tamu.edu>, K. Bowman
<k-bowman@null.tamu.edu> wrote:

> Is there any way to
> change the default value of a built-in system variable?

Begin Rant-in-Jest

Thanks for nothin' everybody!  I *know* I can set the stupid background
and foreground colors explicitly!  I'm not a newbie!  All I want to do
is set the stinkin' program so that whenever I pop up a window, even if
I'm just doodlin' around at the command prompt, it doesn't default to
that ugly white on black thing.  Black on white is so 1970's!  I mean,
come on, is that too much to ask!  I know there is a default value
hidden in there somewhere, RSI.  Why won't you let me screw with it? 
Jeez, I guess I'll have to switch to Python or some other such *modern*

(In civilized newsgroups I'd be embarassed about responding to my own
post, but everyone else in this group does it too.  So there.)

End Rant-in-Jest