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Re: Running IDL from cron

Vapuser <vapuser@catspaw.jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

>  Cron uses a crippled environment in the Bourne shell, it defines
>  only a limited number of environmental variables. 

I've been able to use a fully functional C shell in my cron jobs, by the simple
expedient of explicitly telling it what shell to run.  This is done by putting


as the first line of the script.  For example, the extremely simple script


when run as a cron job, demonstrates that my .cshrc file is being automatically
executed.  On the other hand, my .login file is not.  To do that, I would have
to use

	source .login

which works, although I do get a "not a terminal" error.  For myself, it's not
necessary to run .login--all setup is done in .cshrc.

A valid C-shell script to run IDL would be

	idl << done
	print,'Hello world'

I do have a cron job which uses IDL in just this fashion, which nightly creates
some images for a web page.  As somebody has already pointed out before me, the
way to do this in a cron job is to use the Z buffer.

William Thompson