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Re: Change default value of system variable?

Kenneth P. Bowman (kbowman@null.net) writes:

> I know there is a default value
> hidden in there somewhere, RSI.  Why won't you let me screw with it?

I'm not so sure. If IDL was smart enough to have
defaults, why would it change as you switch from one
device to another? And if it had sensible defaults,
why would it want us mucking around every 2 minutes
with the Device, Decomposed value? I think there must
be something fundamentally screwy in the internals 
that make this whole business hard. Why else would
they make us use IDL to solve it?



P.S. Let's just say this post reminds me of Pablo
Neruda's wonderful book of poems, The Book of Questions:

Does the drop of metal shine
like a syllable in my song?

Does a word sometimes
slither like a serpent?

Didn't a name like an orange
creep into your heart?

>From which river do fish come?
>From the word *silversmithing*?

When they stow too many vowels
don't sailing ships wreck?
               Pablo Neruda

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