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I am not sure if I understand what you mean with "editing window".  Do
you mean the Emacs frame, or do you mean the fact that normally
IDLWAVE splits the Emacs frame into two windows, one for source and
one for the shell?

You can start XEmacs without any window with the -nomap option I
believe.  I don't think Emacs supports this, and I don't think this is
what you mean.

If you want to launch emacs normally, but immediately start with the
IDLWAVE shell, do this

xemacs -f idlwave-shell &

If you want that the IDLWAVE shell is the only thing visible in the
Emacs frame, do this

xemacs -f idlwave-shell -f delete-other-windows &

If you want to run Emacs inside the xterm (a non-X Emacs), use the
option -nw (no-window)

xemacs -nw -f idlwave-shell -f delete-other-windows &

Note that some keybindings (like ALT and HYPER keys) don't work in an
xterm.  Also, the mouse is not available.

I seem to remember that JD has a button on his desktop which launches
a process like one of the above.  Want to comment, JD?

Hope this helps

- Carsten

>>>>> "MS" == Martin Schultz <martin.schultz@dkrz.de> writes:

MS> Hi Carsten, thanks again for keeping up the maintenance of this
MS> great tool! May I use the opportunity to ask one question (feature
MS> already there else request): Is there a chance to start (X)emacs
MS> directly with an IDL shell but no editing window. When I am only
MS> "using" IDL (as opposed to develop applications), I would like to
MS> have something simple like the "idl" command to get to a command
MS> line interface directly. Are there any XEmacs options to do that?
MS> I realize this might be difficult for XEmacs first has to find out
MS> that I want to use the idlwave mode...