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Re: survey: accelerated 3D volumetric rendering

In article <97j5ma$d01$1@canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca>,
 "Richard Tyc" <richt@sbrc.umanitoba.ca> wrote:

> One interesting thing to note: on our dual Pentium III 733Mhz Dell, the real
> time rendering of volume objects is not that much faster than my single CPU
> office PC (only a Pentium II 350). I would have thought it was at least 2x
> faster running the same app, but not so with my simple subjective test.

I once did a IDLgrVolume rendering speed test with a dual-processor 
Windows NT PC, and found almost a 2x speedup when I set the hints 
property to use multiple processors.  I think the volume was something 
like 128 x 128 x 32.

Paul Woodford, Ph.D.
Essex Corporation

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