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Communication between different widget bases

Hi all,

I have a program that allows the user to view a TVSCL of a data cube with
intensity obtained at (x,y) position (rows/columsn) over time. Typically the
user plots the intensity at all positions at a single slice in time, i.e.
TVSCL, A(*,*,n). I would like to allow the user to open a new window that
will show the intensity plot vs. time for the position under the mouse
pointer. Regrettably, I have already used up all of the space in my current
WIDGET_BASE and I do not have room to add another draw widget. I would like
to open a new WIDGET_BASE with a draw widget that will change as the mouse
moves over the image.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Most of the work I have done before
spawned new WIDGET_BASEs that ran independent of the original one. I can
already pop up a plot of the point under the mouse after a mouse release
event, but that's not what I had in mind. I want the plot to change as the
user moves the mouse to new positions. Is there any way to have real-time
communication between two widget bases?

Michael Baca
Frontier Techonolgy, Inc.