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Re: Re: Clsuter analysis wiht IDL

Hi Gonzalo,

you wrote:
<what is the difference between the obsolete IDL procedure "kmeans" and the
<new "cluster" ?... In theory, with this procedures we get the same results, but
<I tested it with the same input parameters (same image, quantity of clusters,
<etc, etc), and we got different results...

I haven't responded to your earlier post of this question because I don't know the answer. In the last few days, I've managed to solve my problems with the CLUSTER function by not using it! I've downloaded a program written by Vincent Schmithorst called CCHIPS/IDL and there's a procedure in this program package called ksegment.pro which I've modified and am now using for my cluster analysis. And it works well!!

CHIPS is Copyright 2001 by

          The Imaging Research Center
        Children's Hospital Medical Center
          3333 Burnet Ave. Suite R056
          Cincinnati, OH  45229
and can be downloaded from their web site:

Good luck,