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>>>>> "KM" == Kenneth Mankoff <mankoff@lasp.colorado.edu> writes:

>> Kenneth Mankoff <mankoff@lasp.colorado.edu> writes:
>>> EMACS: CTRL+G will let you enter a line number to jump to. At
>>> least, thats my key-bindings. If you use emacs, I can let you know
>>> how to bind a key to the goto-line command.
>>> IDL-WAVE (EMACS): CTRL+G, unless you are going to a line because
>>> of an error, in which case it is automatic.
>> Control-G ? Isn't that the "cancel request" keystroke?  I do it all
>> the time, it makes emacs beep, and annoys the heck out of my
>> office-mates.
>> Craig

KM> In the mini-buffer, its "cancel request". But in a main window
KM> edit buffer, its "goto-line". Depends where you are...

Well, this is not the standard setting - so you or your Sysadmin must
have done this.  C-g normally does nothing except canceling whatever
you are doing.  If you are doing nothing, it just beeps, as Craig

XEmacs 21.1 has goto-line standard on M-g
Emacs 20.6 has no standard binding to goto-line.  To get it on M-g
like in XEmacs, put this into .emacs.

(define-key global-map "\M-g" 'goto-line)

Hope this helps

- Carsten

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