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Re: interactive color changes within a procedure

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
>   Laura Woodney (woodney@encke.astro.umd.edu) writes:
>   > Once upon a time you could place a call to XLoadCT inside a
>   Well, once upon a LONG time ago. :-)

I did say it was a vintage program! :)  There are a few dinosaurs
lurking in my IDL directories.  If RSI ever decides to enforce things
like the "new" distinction for () and [] - my whole world will start

>   The problem, in a word, is that you need to use the BLOCK
>   keyword, with either XLOADCT or XCOLORS. Having said this,
>   I'm embarrassed to tell you that it doesn't work with XCOLORS. :-(
>   At least not in the version you are using. You can download
>   a version that *does* work here:
>      http://www.dfanning.com/programs/xcolors.pro

It works great now - thanks!


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