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Re: IDL on Linux Server

  Hi Gunter,

Gunter Laky <Gunter.Laky@oeaw.ac.at> writes:

> I have checked it, as you told me. IDL 5.4 needs libc6, but
> libXpm.so.4 needs both libc5 and lib6c, at least this is what "ldd
> libXpm.so.4" tells me. I'm very new to Linux (however, I have worked
> with other Unix systems), so I'm not sure about this library stuff.

That shouldn't happen - where did you get this xpm library?  You
should install the official version for RedHat 6.2 (that should be
xpm-3.4k-2; get it either from the installation CD or some mirror
site), eventually run ldconfig (and remove the version you put into
the IDL dir).

Then it should find the correct lib version himself...


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