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Re: plot structured data

Dirk Burose (dirk.burose@uni-bonn.de) writes:

> perhaps this is a typical newbie question, but I just started to use the
> read_ascii function. I like to know if there is an easy way to make a plot
> out of structured data espcially surface or contour plots. I have a ascii
> data set with 15 columns. I am able to extract the structure I like with
> struct_assign but what happens next. Perhaps somenone can help me


What happens next is that you probably have to tear that
structure apart, or at least know how to access the
data in it. What you want is a 2D array that you can
send to the SURFACE or CONTOUR command. Something like

   SURFACE, struct.mydata, struct.my_xvector, struct.my_yvector

If you don't have a 2D array, you might have to build one
by gridding the data you do have. Hard to say, without knowing
a LOT more than you have given us to go on.

Have you thought about a good book for learning how to
use IDL? :-)



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