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Re: Menubar with ticks ??

Sean Heukels (sean77=cuthere=@dds.nl) writes:

> Does IDL have this ??
> I mean people who use Windows will know.
> An option in a meny bar that ism toggled by re-selecting.
> ON it has a V (tick) before its name and OFF it doesn't
> I have some things that can be toggled in a program and the problem
> I am encountering is that I run out of space and would like
> to move some things to the menubar

No, IDL has nothing like this. Here is a piece of
code that shows you how you might fake it, however:

PRO Example_Button_Events, event
Widget_Control, event.id, Get_Value=buttonValue, Get_UValue=buttonUValue
Widget_Control, event.id, Set_Value=buttonUValue, Set_UValue=buttonValue


tlb = Widget_Base(Column=1, Title='Make a Choice...')
selectID = Widget_Button(tlb, Value='Animal Selections...', /Menu, $
   Event_Pro='Example_Button_Events', Scr_XSize=200)
choice1 = Widget_Button(selectID, Value='Choose Dogs', /Menu)
button = Widget_Button(choice1, Value='Retriever', UValue='* Retriever')
button = Widget_Button(choice1, Value='Boxer', UValue='* Boxer')
button = Widget_Button(choice1, Value='Great Dane', UValue='* Great Dane')

choice2 = Widget_Button(selectID, Value='Choose Cows', /Menu)
button = Widget_Button(choice2, Value='Holstein', UValue='* Holstein')
button = Widget_Button(choice2, Value='Angus', UValue='* Angus')
button = Widget_Button(choice2, Value='Jersey', UValue='* Jersey')

Widget_Control, tlb, /Realize
XManager, 'example', tlb, /No_Block



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