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Re: Menubar with ticks ??

I think David had answered this a long time ago. He recommended simply
starting the names of menu items with a space (' '), then, on an event,
replacing that space with a check mark ('v' or whatever). There may even
be code on David's site (http://www.dfanning.com)

Sorry David, you seem not to be here at this time of the morning? Or
maybe my news reader is in the time lapse mode again. I replied for you.
I am not taking any credit, though :-)


Sean Heukels wrote:
> Does IDL have this ??
> I mean people who use Windows will know.
> An option in a meny bar that ism toggled by re-selecting.
> ON it has a V (tick) before its name and OFF it doesn't
> I have some things that can be toggled in a program and the problem
> I am encountering is that I run out of space and would like
> to move some things to the menubar
> Thanx Seansan