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Re: Time convertion

Alex Schuster wrote:
> I have to convert some date formats, and I wonder why IDL does not give
> more support here. A common date/time format is the seconds since 1970,
> and the systime() funtion can return the current date in this format.
> Yippie! But why is there no function to convert this from/to standard
> ASCII date strings, or from/to Julian date?
> I found such a thing in the Astro library, st2date, input is the
> seconds-since-1970, output is year, month, day etc., and even day and
> month in ASCII notation if one likes. Great. But I did not find
> something yet to convert to seconds-since-1970. I could write it myself,
> but I guess this already had be done some dozen times. Some big routine
> with many, many keywords to convert between all those formats would be
> nice :)