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Re: Time convertion

> Keeping in mind that systime(1) often returns GMT on many systems,
> whereas systime(0) returns localtime, meaning you might have several
> hours offset between st1 and st above.  For me, st1-st=5 hours (EST).

SYSTIME() was upgraded in V5.4 so that systime(1) is supposed to return GMT
on all systems.   (I believe that it used to return GMT on Windows and Unix,
but local time on VMS and MacOS.)
SYSTIME(0)  always returns local time (as in earlier IDL versions),  but now
one can also  return GMT using the  new /UTC keyword.     Also, note that one
can now directly return the Julian date with the /Julian keyword.

(Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) was formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time
(GMT). )