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Re: seeing red (in postscript output)

Richard G. French (rfrench@wellesley.edu) writes:

> I'm posting this for my brother - trying to maintain inter-family
> harmony here. it's an IDL routine that creates
> a PostScript file containing a TV image and an overplotted
> set of axes. The problem is that the output has an extra column
> of pixels - all red, in this case - that extend outside of the plot
> boundary. I know that there are other ways to do what is 
> being done here, but my immediate question is:
> Is there an easy way to modify THIS code so that the
> extra column of pixels is not present?
> Thanks for any tips! 

Actually, this program is working perfectly. You
simply forgot to set the BITS_PER_PIXEL keyword
equal to 8 on the PostScript DEVICE command. :-)



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