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Re: Mac 32 bit color depth?

In article <thierry-2203011142210001@dualpants.dev.rsinc.com>, 
thierry@NOSPAM.rsinc.com (Thierry Faucounau) wrote:

> I am not averse to returning the "usable" (from an IDL standpoint) visual
> depth from get_visual_depth which would be 24 (essentially ignoring the
> fact that on the Mac, all "true color" buffers are in fact 32bits) for 
> the sake of portability.
> --
> Thierry Faucounau
> Research Systems, Inc.


    Thierry, that sounds very reasonable --- but it would be great to be 
able to access the transparency channel: I would love to be able to 
create movies (e.g. with XINTERANIMATE) in IDL that include transparency 

    Any chance?


                  Joe Gurman