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Re: Minor problem with command line editing on SGIs

"K. Bowman" <k-bowman@null.tamu.edu> writes:

> When I run IDL interactively on our SGIs (IRIX 6.5), I get occasional
> artifacts when using the cursor keys to recall and edit the command
> line buffer.  When scrolling through the buffer with the up or down
> arrows, and the newly recalled line is shorter than the previous line,
> the short line will have a few garbage characters at the end.  E.g.,
> IDL> contour, dist(50,50), findgen(50), findgen(50)
> IDL> print, findgen(100)$<3>
> To ensure that I get sufficient catcalls, this is with a VT100 emulator
> on Mac.  The problem only happens in IDL.  Anyone know the magic stty
> settings to make this go away?

Forget about a few garbage characters!  When I'm dealing with commands
*larger* than the screen width, my whole screen ends up looking like a
carnival.  It's crazy!  Let's just say the RSI folks didn't spend too
much time on command line editing...


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