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Re: 6-1-75-6 W5M --> LOCAL GRID

Hi Mark

You can convert well uwi to utm (northing-metres, easting-metres) using
D. W. Lepard and K. N. Nairn TOWNSHIP UTILITIES program (1996) available
at the University of Calgary bookstore for about $20. The program will
output utm coordinates from a input Canadian uwi well list, or output
utm coordinates from a input lat/long list for all the western Canadian
provinces (including the BC land system). The default projection is
NAD27 but you have a few other choices.

Once you have the utm well file you can use IDL to calculate distances
from point to point (like your euclid example calculation).

Lepard's program will also create a vector file to plot section and
township maps for overlaying your utm well locations (NAD27 projection).

If you purchased ENVI with your IDL program, you can use ENVI to convert
the map to about 38 different projections.

Martin Trobec

Mark Chan wrote:
> Point A @ 6-1-75-6 W5M (Take this to be the origin. Some where in Canada).
> Point B @ 1-1-75-6 W5M
> Point C @ 16-1-75-6 W5M
> What is the distance between A and B?
> Ans: B is 5 miles east of A.
> What is the distance between A and C?
> Ans: sqrt(5^2+5^2). C is NE of A.
> Etc. calculation like these.
> Is there a public domain IDL routine to do the conversion between the land
> system above to local coordinate?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark Chan